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Fishing the Yough

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So I'm new to the area, but live closer to where the Yough meets the Mon then where the dam is. Obviously stocked fish have probably made their way throughout all parts of the Yough, but is the fishing any good on the lower stretches? Ive got some buddies who just went and bought all kinds of trout gear, and want me to take them out fishing for their first time. We tried some small streams today, Mingo and Pike Run, but they were pretty much completely fished out, no holdovers to be found. Is it worth fishing the Yough in the area near Rt. 70, the area where Jacobs Creek meets it in Westmoreland County? Anybody ever fish down there and do any good? Looking to hit it on Thursday maybe...I'd like to put them on a few fish, but dont want to drive over an hour to fish near the dam. Thanks in advance!
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Any streams/rivers right now, you probably have to head over the mountain to catch a fish. Pike Run probably hasn't seen a Trout since end of summer. Lower Yough, like you are talking about, will see Trout, but after spring stockings. Head to the mountain for any meaningful fishing right now.
Wow that stinks. We talked to someone who said to fish the upper reaches of Pike Run, the areas that are a little less accessible, and it was pointless. I just didnt know where else to take these guys that was fairly close to home. Any tips on a good area in the mountainous areas of the Yough? In the Ohiopyle? Any decent fishing right in the Connelsville area? Any tips are appreciated.
Pike Run does not carry over fish. It turns to a trickle in summer mos. and gets HOT. Trout do not survive.

This time of year, fish Ohiopyle and above. Or try the delayed harvest areas of Meadow or Laurel.
thanks fleroo, i'll have to give those a shot...
Watch the gauges on the yough. Can really fluctuate this time of year with snow melt, rain, etc.
Right now your best bet is canonsburg lake, i think they are stocking tomorrow, besides that raccoon lake and the yough outflow will have fish this time of the year
Dunbar Creek holds trout over in that area.
Yes, Dunbar does. Any of those mountain streams will hold fish over. Washington County "trickle" streams..... not so much.
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Go to Connellsville. Park in town walk up the bike path towards ohio pyle till you ae about 200 yards above the dam, trout heaven.
There is a dam in Connelsville ?
They raise and stock 3k or more nice trout every year.
I wouldnt say that Pike Run holds over a single fish. In november I caught 3 and lost 1 at the park just outside of California. I fish the Yough near Smithton in the fall and spring and have seen trout, but never caught one. I always get smallies there.
fish some native trout dtreams anywhere around jones mills. great all year round. on flies.
If you search google earth for 'South Connellsville' you will see the dam pretty clearly. It can be accessed from the east or west side of the river pretty easily. The bike trail on the west side makes for very easy access clear up to Confluence.
The area above the dam for 1-2 miles is very good due to the South Connellsville gun club stockings. Lots of hold over fish.
Right now the river is pretty high and muddy so I wouldn't recommmend it for this Thursday.
Bruno, i was looking at the google map.. didn't see any driving access. Is my best bet just to park somewhere in south connellsville and walk upriver along the bike trail or is there some sort of vehicle access? Also, if there isn't vehicle access, how does the gun club get the fish up there or do they float stock it?
I wouldnt say that Pike Run holds over a single fish. In november I caught 3 and lost 1 at the park just outside of California.
Fishkid. My guess is that any November fish caught are either A) pushed down from the Delayed Harvest Section above, which receives (or received) fall stockings, or B) came up from deeper water at the mouth of the river after escaping the summer temps of the shallow stream.
I see, Im not really from the area i go to school at cal. So i dont really know exacly good the stream is, i just figured since I caught them in november they hold year round, but you are most likely right. Im not here in the summer so I dont know how i gets during the summer.
Yeah. You see the stream from Sept-early May. If you'd see it summer months, you would never believe it gets fish. Right now, it actually looks like a fishable Trout stream.

Have you thought about getting involved in the Cal U club that stocks Trout at the park for kids ? What a great event they put on for the kids. Hope they keep that up. It's a great way for the University to get involved with the community it is in, and help out.
Thats unforunate that it gets like that. This is my 3rd year here and I am really struggling to find good trout fishing in the area outside of april-may. I cant exactly afford the gas go out toward Ohiopyle and those native streams out there all the time. Most of my fishing here is just in the Mon for Catfish, walleye and bass. Also I actually think I am going to help out with it this spring when they do the stocking this spring.
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