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Is a 1648 alumacraft with a forward mounted side console (steering wheel, throttle, electric tilt) with mercury 30/25hp jet drive an over kill for the juniata river, Is it to heavy for the Juniata river? I be fishing myself most of the time and my wife be with me sometimes, but not always lol. The boat is rated for 4 people, 600lbs.

I use to fish the Juniata river just outside of Lewistown years ago early 2000's with a 14' jon boat with trolling motor and tried 5hp prop motor. That got old hitting rocks and bent, busted or prop snaps off. I always had to have someone with me sitting up front guide me what direction to steer the boat to avoid hitting rocks that lie just a few inch's under water.

I am leaning on this set up for fishing the Juniata river. Has anyone had this set up or does have this set up? What are the pro's and con's. I assuming I would have to run full throttle up river? My question. Will the boat plane just fine half throttle in shadow water? You know running full throttle up river knowing its only 2-4 feet deep has a lot of big rocks kinda have this vision in my head seeing the boat getting sliced from front to back and I have to make it to shore in a hurry before boat sinks.

I know that section of the river and before I take the boat to the river, I plan to take it to sayars dam to get use to the boat before I take it to the river. Any help would be appreciate. Thank you...

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Maybe down near the mouth it might do well, but there are too many shallow pools, ripples in the majority of the river-s confines to use such a large boat and motor. We fished from Muskrat Springs upstream to above Port Royal, and used all 12 or 14' jon boats with no more than 6 hp motors with rock guards, and still had to drag the boats at times over the ripples/shallows.
Your boat will work in the deeper pools, but you are limiting your range, unless you don't mind being confined to short deeper areas.
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