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Fishing At Camp Question

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Feel free to move to another Forum, not exactly sure where to post this.

I have a camp in Bald Eagle State Forest, Treaster Valley Road to be exact and when we go to camp we usually just fish the local stream, I believe its called Treaster Run. Its a good steam to fish for natives but usually you are on your hands and knees crawling through the mountain laurel to find a decent hole, and by a decent hole I mean a 10' long x 6' wide hole. We fished Poe Paddy before but I'm looking for a stream nearby that is a lot bigger than what we are used to fish, a stream that is open and can accommodate long casts. A stream that a person can stand in with waiders and fish.
A lot of the 'old timers' at camp always tell us that they will take us 'younger bucks' with them when they go fishing, they know all of the good streams but everytime we plan a trip its usually bad weather.
Any input on streams would be appreciative.
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I heard about Penns Run but I think its a 45 mins trip, I could be wrong though. I'll check it out on a map.
Google Map says Penns Creek is 19 miles from my camp, thats not too bad. Too bad there isnt a road that shoots straight across the valley.

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RonM said:
I always like that area Treaster Valley, Havice Valley, New Lancaster Valley, rode around looking for " For Sale" signs a couple years ago....
It is a nice area, I have been going up to camp since I was a kid and on our road, its rare to see a For Sale sign
Not yet, but thanks for all the info. Havent been up to camp in awhile, hoping to go up in the spring time to do a little fishing, if I do I'll PM you. Not everyday I get a tour guide.
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