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fisher and cat trappers??

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who all is heading out in search of fisher/bobcat this weekend???

what county??

i am still debating...if i go it'll be 2F Jefferson/Clarion/Elk counties...

right now i dont think i am looks pretttttty similar to last year and it was somewhat miserable to me...rain rain rain..saturated ground..freeze/thaws/muddy mess/holes and trap beds filled with water and frozen in at nite...

will check the weather again tomorrow..but i think i will save the money and make a run up later and fox trap..maybe bobcat if they are still in when i head up..

really a bad time for a trapping season IMO...right after deer season...fisher are very well known to find a deer and pretty much live off it till it is gone..woods have been disturbed heavily..

i understand later is tough with snow/cold etc...i much rather deal with a steady freeze and snow than freeze thaws and rain...and snow would be nice to find the fresh sign...we have what we have though...i was hoping on better weather...i just dont enjoy trapping in a wet muddy mess..especially fisher/cat season as i am walking a couple miles a day and pretty much in the weather all day..maybe tomorrow when i check the weather it'll look much better...but every time i check it now its looking worse lol..
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I have a tag for both and plan on going after fishers right around my place here in 2C that is if I don't get screwed by my place of employment again which looks that may happen. I may have to work in Baltimore next week and that's too far to drive back and forth. That would be the 2nd time in that past 3 fisher seasons! Fisher season here is way too short and a bad time of year also. As for the bobcats, I know they are around here but I've never seen or caught one, but, I'll give it a try!
I will slap a few in no matter what. Just have to plan for the conditions and make sets accordingly.

I won't catch one with the traps hanging in the shed.
I am headed to Sullivan county today until Christmas to see if I can get a cat
Supposed to rain here starting tomorrow night and not stopping until Wednesday they say; I was planning on getting another big line out Sunday but I just might wait now til the rains gone and keep hitting the predator hunting hard
yeah saturday the boy and i are heading out around the house here in 2e to set for fisher and k-9s. our first year trappin fisher so i hope we have good luck. somethings been taken our prebaits so we'll keep our fingures crossed. good luck to all thats going out be safe.
I am heading out because neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep the PA Fisher trapper off the line! Good luck to all who venture out!!
I will be headed up to 2G between Christmas and New Years to try to get my cat.
Potter Bound next weekend. Weather is looking good. A little light snow forecasted. I was going to go today but have to be back Sunday. One day is not worth these gas prices.
i wouldnt mind trapping a fisher but we cant trap them here. not interested enough, or have the time to drive to do it. good luck to those who are after them.
i've caught enough cats by accident that they dont interest me as far as trapping one. cant wait to get after them with the hounds though !!!!!!!

I'm also heading to 2G Benezette, between Christmas and New Years. Where you headed in 2G?
Have sets out for fishers, no luck today, going to set 3 other area's. Off work till the 27th.
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