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Fished the Susquehanna Yesterday at Shickshimmy

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Our club, three boats and six guys fished for six hours without a bite and without even marking a single fish on electronics.

Fished every bait they make, well almost. I refused to throw my expensive cranks due to conditions.

Water was 38, wind was about 15-20 steady. Wind burn on my face. The fiber dam is not inflated and that water is REALLY fast.

Club has called off all events for at least two weeks. This late spring has the water temps too low to expend the money and effort.

Might make for a good turkey season!
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Our club had our first one at raystown yesterday also. Only 4 people caught fish. I got the only limit. Won the whole thing with 7lbs of smallmouths. Bite was tough but workable once you found them.
water temps were up to 44 around sunbury a few weeks ago and then the cold air came back plus the snow that made the fish shutdown in my opinion. last time I was out the water temp was 37.5 and i didn't catch a fish I'll wait till it gets back to 40 steady until i go back out.
was out saturday water was 41 and caught one fish. It's slow going. Didn't even know I had it just lifted it to check it and there was something heavy on the end. it didn't even fight. They are cold and miserable right now.
caught 2 yesterday and a muskie water is 42 around watsontown
It should sure pick up this weekend.. A couple weeks ago I hit the river above hbg and caught 7 in a couple hours in the afternoon.. Water was 44-45 that day, but it plummeted right after..
yeah that shut them fish down..
My dad and I were out last weekend in Shamokin Dam area with water temps 38-40* and not one bite all day.

We went out today from 1-5pm and boated 3 small mouth. Water temp was right around 44-45*.

We are heading out on the river again tomorrow after a couple hours of trout fishing in the morning. Hopefully get a few more with this warmer weather.
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I'll be fishing the same stretch from your picture on monday morning.. I caught another small muskie and a few bass saturday evening.
I fished sayers for a few hours saturday and managed one smack on an a-rig that was it. I marked fish but they wouldnt play. The lake is still way way down. Pay attention crossing the roads or youll rip your boat to pieces.
47 mid afternoon saturday but I am certain it wont be that now
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