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Hey all ive been hunting and fishing my whole life but never trapped a single thing.. truth be told never even gave it a thought... reason?? well guess cause growing up i never knew anyone that did it.. my pap used to but quit B4 i was even born lol.. so after being disgusted with deer hunting for multiple reason i decided this year i was going to trap...Now dont get me wrong i still went deer hunting this year as well... just dont get excited about it much any longer so i needed something new...

well like everything i do i jump right in head first.. you have to keep in mind here that i know nothing about how furbears act or travel or what they like or dont like... so for a few months b4 season opened i started doing research on how to trap, you know different sets what works where to look for sign and so forth... Next what did i wanna trap for?? figured well heck y not everything i can and have time for... Prolly not the smartest way to start but hey its a way lol.. so season kicks off and and i put out a bunch of sets for coon and fox to start... after my first restless night (to excited to sleep) morning finally came and i got that excitement back that i used to have for deer season.. Off i go to check the 10 sets i put out the night b4 and to my suprise i had my first fox on my third set.. Well needless to say was i thrilled! I felt like a kid in a candy store.. I can honestly say from that point on im hooked lol..

so now the season is winding down and for my first year out this is what i got.. 3 red fox 2 i caught in footholds and 1 in a Cable restraint.. 7 coon, 4 possums, 2 squirrels 1 rabbit and 2 feral cats lol..

i come to the conclusing that coon are rather easy to catch.. i caught them in both coilsprings and DP's.. Fox and yotes not so easy.. mink and rats?? well i cant find any lol...Missed a few fox or maybe yotes in dirtholes not sure if they will revisit a set after being nearly caught in it??? I still have a wole lot to learn but i learn by doing not reading or watching shows allthough they help... Im just glad to get back some excitment ive been missing...If any of u experianced guys could give me a few pointers on missed catches and how to avoid them it sure would help lol. and if anyone traps around the dillsburg area and wouldnt mind a tag along for a day hit me up..
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