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First Turkey

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So we didn't get to go out last Saturday like we planned, but today couldn't have worked out better! I went out to the one property that I shot my turkey and didn't see anything yesterday. It turned out that the land owner hadn't even seen any turkeys since that day we came. That was a little discouraging, as I didn't see any yesterday... We decided to go out to the same spot anyway. It wasn't raining, it was foggy, and I had high hopes in getting a turkey for my friend who had never shot one before. The morning was extremely slow. No gobbles, but several yelps. Last time we went, my friend had seen an opossum crawl into its home just at the crack of light. This time around, he saw the same one crawl into its home at 07:45, a little over an hour after sunrise. With it being so foggy, I figured there would be slow movement as far as hearing or seeing anything. It turned out that I was right, and we kept on hearing gobbles very close by, but started way later than before. For about 10-15 min, the gobbles responded to my calls on the box and got closer and closer... Until my friend goes, "he's right in front of me!" My response was, "yeah, ok..." Until I see the turkey 5 yards in front of us! My heart was pounding, and I can only imagine what his was like. He ended up pulling the trigger at 7-8 yards, and down goes the turkey. So happy for him, as this was his first turkey ever! It was a hint to remember, that's for sure!

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Congrats. Nice double team effort!
That's awesome!!! Congratz to both of you!
Great job. That's two now without using a blind. Good job with the box call.
Congrats to you both
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Cant go by what you saw yesterday. each day is a new day and today it payed off for your friend!!

Wtg! Nice hunt.
Nice job! Sweet looking spots you got there
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