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First truck you drove?

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Love the idea of this forum, lets get it rolling with the question, whats the first truck you ever drove? Mine was a 54 F100, on the farm, dirt roads, etc. I learned the art of the dirtroad burnout by hammering that old rig, I think it had a small V8, 252...something like that. Lets hear your stories men !
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The first truck I can remember driving, was the first truck I bought when I was about 15, which would have been 2001 or was a 63' F100 4x4, 3 on the tree, 292 V-8..........
First truck I drove was a duce and 1/2 when I was in the marines in the sixtys. Since then too many to count.
first truck i remember driving was my buddies dads OLDER Chevy Suburban...we were doing some work at camp..buddy was on his quad..his dad was on the tractor..whose gunna drive the suburban?? i did! i dont even know if i was a teenager...had to drive down the driveway...its a longer driveway but nothing real long...felt like king of the mountains! lol

i then got to drive the OLD Ford tractor later that weekend...

lots of memories on that land and at that camp...
1951 Chevy
A 1941 Studabaker that you had to double clutch going into 2nd gear & it still ground, but not as much as it would if you didn't.
1956 Chevy....My Grandfather's bush runner. Straight 6, 3 on the tree, big holes in the floor, tailgate held on by rope. Only had one front fender, consequently, only one headlight.

In the early 80's, I was 12 or 13 at the time and Pop-pop used to send my cousin and I out to the 4th dam to catch him some snappers from time to time.......Snapper soup.....Mmmmm good.
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Not sure but I think it was an early 70's Chevy Truck a friend of mine let me drive and I was hooked on trucks ever since. By the way that was in the early 70's I drove it.
My very first was my uncles Bob's '56 International R-120 (possibly the S-120) I think it was the 3/4 ton version?

It was baby blue and we called it the Blue Goose. He converted it to also run on propane. That thing would go anywhere! Riding in it for any longer than a 20 mile trip would have your teeth hurtin! He used to let me drive from the property to the main road when we had to go through the State Forest Property when the creek was to high to cross. Usually, I had to ride shotgun to open up all the gates, but every now and again he would let me drive.
78' F350, my dad and I used to haul coal on the weekends with it and he would somtimes let me back the truck up in our parking lot.
1969 el camino ss

My uncles truck, I lterally cried when I found out he sold it.
I can tell you the yearI drove it it was 1985 and it was a 79
Dodge Powerwagon 4x4 with a 318.
Wow!! My Pappy's truck. First vehicle I ever drove actually. I was 13 and I think it was a '52(?) Chevy Apache. Running boards, 3 on the tree, push button start with starter pedal. Smelled like Dutch Masters cigars!!
1969 el camino ss

My uncles truck, I lterally cried when I found out he sold it.
Them El Camino's were sweet weren't they....Not much good for a family though.

My uncle Mikey had a '70 SS454/ Heavy Chevy. Gold with the white racing stripes on the hood and roof and "Heavy Chevy" in white on both sides of the box.

One of the few Camino's to carry that paint scheme....He sold it for a tidy sum back in '02. The new owner wrapped it around a tree a week later.

The dude was OK but I had tears in my eyes when I realized that I would never see Uncle Mikey's El Camino again.

Sorry to get off tangent like that.....Carry on.
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1949 Ford a kid on the farm..I think they called first gear Lo-Lo.
84 dad bought it new in 84 and in 86 I "borrowed" it from the driveway and took it fishing rolled it over coming home I was 13 years old man my butt still hurts from the beating I got
Late 70's early 80's (?) Chevy. Owned by a buddy. The first truck I ever owned was a 1988 Dodge Ram 50. Small, kind of looked like the early 80's Toyotas. The truck was actually made as a partnership with Mitsubishi. I'll have to look for pics.
78 F-350 Flatbed. I loved that truck. Got some funny looks driving it to school though.
Early Dodge Power Wagon. May have been WWII surplus or a model based on the military version. Front windshield tilted out. The thing got scorching hot sitting on top of the transmission. Top speed about 45 mph. It was a true beast that would go anywhere. Used as a wildfire truck with a 300 gallon water tank in the bed.
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