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I was talking with my brother in law and father in law on Friday about archery hunting and such. I told them I was going to get a new string for the old bow they gave me a while ago, an older Eagle Oneida. My FIL had asked if it was the wooden bow he had? I told him know it was an older compound style bow but told him I was going to try and sell some stuff and buy a recurve. He told me to wait a minute as he thought he had his old recurve in the basement.

He brings me out a Bear Super Magunm 48" bought new in the early 70's. He told me here just use this one. Needless to say I was pumped. I attached a few pictures of the bow and such. It is pretty much brand new. I ordered a B-50 Darcon Flemish string for it that night.

No clue on what other stuff I need to pick up but just excited that I will get to use this bow. I will never give up my compound entirely but think this would be a lot of fun for the early season when I am targeting a doe for the freezer. But who knows, I said that about fly fishing too.

So I just wanted to let you guys know now I will probably be asking 50 million questions during this whole thing. I dunno I love my compound, but wacking them with a rage from a 300 fps bow with all the bells and whistles is just starting to lose its luster a little.


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Cool bow!

See that's it's 45# pull, which is a good weight to start with, even stay with. AMO 48" is really short to learn on though, particularly if you're drawing over 28", finger pinch with be severe and it will be difficult to develop a clean release. Would rather see someone start out with at least a 58" or 60", but hey, it's free, and a collectable at that.
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