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first time with cables

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caught a few reds with the snares . pretty neat .they seem to work as advertised
just caught every one by the hips . either way they ended up in the truck . picked up this dark tailed one in a foothold .
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cool beans nice job man

Caption for the second pic...Kiss my rosy red lol
on a side note , one thing i learned is that even though briars aren't an inch in diameter , they don't break and will create an entanglement . two of the three in cables were wrapped in briars good ,but fully alive .the one i didn't get a pic of left an awesome catch circle . cool experience .
If your catching the by the hips make your loops a little smaller. Trap in nj and snares and the only thing we use for fox. Snared 26 this season which was my first trapping. A 7 inch loop about 6 - 8 inches off the ground.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts