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first time out

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i figured id say thanks to everyone. i found this website lookin for places to small game hunt and i stumbled into this forum and after reading a little bit i got hooked to predator hunting before even going out

now with that said over the last few months i managed to get enough gear a new gun and an irritated wife
and last night i finally made it out for some coyotes with no luck i did manage to call in a fox though which was pretty exciting. i also started using the foxpro on crows and have been doin pretty well im gettin some buddies hooked on it to.

i figured id say thanks for all the advice and keep it comin hopefully soon ill have some pictures to put on here!!
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awsome bud..i started it 3 months ago..been hooked ever since...hav'nt called a yote in yet..but it's been awsome hunting at night and early mornings..just make sure you take the wife out or bring her something nice home..gotta keep them happy while we're out doing our silly things..hahaa
1 - 2 of 2 Posts