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First Time Crossbow Buyer

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I have been doing some research and reading, and thinking I would like to shoot and test either a tenpoint titan or wicked ridge invader. For the value it seems like the wicked ridge might be a good option. I know the wicked ridge is under the tenpoint family, however afraid to spend tenpoint money if i dont like hunting with a crossbow.
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I began crossbow hunting with a Horton Vision. I always liked the reverse limb design. Before that, I hunted many years with various compound bows and actually killed a lot of deer with them. But truth is, crossbows are just a tiny bit easier to handle while hunting. The reverse limb crossbows are a lot more compact and easier to use in brushy areas or groundblinds. -Now don't get me wrong, they are still a challenge when it comes to getting set up for a shot on a deer. Some people claim that using a crossbow is like hunting with a rifle, but I can assure you, that's not the case! Even with a crossbow you will have to Practice a lot. and even then you'll find that you may not feel comfortable taking shots of more than 40 yards (Depending on the Crossbow).... This year I broke down and bought a Horton Storm Rdx for $1000. I know, rather pricey... But after going out shooting it, It's well worth the price!!! It shoots [censored] fast, and is super accurate. I honestly don't ever see myself going back to compound bows now.
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