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First Time Crossbow Buyer

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I have been doing some research and reading, and thinking I would like to shoot and test either a tenpoint titan or wicked ridge invader. For the value it seems like the wicked ridge might be a good option. I know the wicked ridge is under the tenpoint family, however afraid to spend tenpoint money if i dont like hunting with a crossbow.
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I was a compound user for over 30 years until shoulder issues no longer allow me to draw back my bow smoothly or at all. My Dad had bought a Huntmaster Advantage before retiring from hunting and with my choices being stop bow hunting or move to a crossbow that was a short decision.

I had sent the bow to Tenpoint a few years earlier who upgraded it to be equivalent to a Stealth as my son is a congenital amputee and he used it to take (no pun intended) a nice 10 point his 3rd year hunting. So while he was away at college I have used the crossbow the past 5 seasons.

Having been successful with both compounds and now with the crossbow I can tell you personally I enjoyed hunting and shooting the compound more but honestly its all about being out in the woods and they call it "hunting" and not "killing" for a reason. I use the same mindset with the crossbow as I did with the compound and all my shots have been 30 yards or less. Like Majik Man said above its not "just like hunting with a rifle" although I hear people say that all the time.

In regards to Tenpoint here is my experience. My son and I were going on a hunting weekend and were practicing on a Wednesday when a part broke. I called Tenpoint who overnighted the new part to me, called me on Friday morning to ensure I had gotten it and had no issues installing it, and then called me back Monday to see if we had any success. That made me a customer for life and I bought myself a Tenpoint Turbo for this coming season as my son graduated and will be taking his bow back.
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