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First red oak board bow.

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So....... I took the leap, and it turned out pretty good I think. It's 72" long and 47 pounds at my 28 inch draw. It's made from a plain old 1 x 2 x 6 foot red oak board. I glued on a handle and made a shelf. No backing.

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All that is is a pc of formica with the lines drawn by using a yardstick and a sharpie marker. Everytime you remove wood in any amount put it back in the tree and flex.
Good stuff Toxo thanks for sharing.

I just realized that it was you I PM'd with about some hickory staves a couple years ago. 2 years and I still haven't finished one. I have to get moving
You should make a fixture about the width of your drawing fingers to attach to the string, instead of the hook like I have in the pic.

Thanks guys- didnt mean to steal the thread
Not a problem. Steal away.
You have good info and obviously have plenty of experience. Maybe we can see some of your bow pics sometime.
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