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Went out in Westmoreland county yesterday from 4 to 9PM for my first night hunt. Conditions were cold, calm, and bright with the full moon. Didn't see or hear any coyotes but I did manage to bring in something with my homemade e-caller. I only caught a glimpse of its eyes after he snuck out of the woods about 25 yards away. Whatever it was didn't leave very distinct tracks in the snow for some reason but the tracks were pretty small. Most likely a small fox I think. No matter what it was, it certainly was a rush. He managed to sneak away when I killed my head lamp and turned on my gun light.

I did run into one issue with the terrain I was hunting. I was hunting a powerline with lots of hills and valleys. So depending on where a coyote could have appeared, I could be shooting up, down, or straight across. Does anyone have any tips on how to set up for this situation? Is use of shooting sticks not an option? I tried various shooting stick setups to give the best range of shots, but I couldn't find a good way to make it happen.
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