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First "hunt" of 2013

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I don't go back to work until Thursday so my wife and I took the dogs to a preserve today to chase after some quail. It was a little cold but once we got moving we warmed up. The dogs worked well and the quail flew great. They had their running shoes on today so they gave the dogs some good work. They tracked a pair of quail 75 yards through a field before pinning them another 25 yards into the woods. We worked the cover and even put up 3 different roosters. I was able to hit one but I didn't hit it well. Nittany was able to track the running bird over a hundred yards and make the retrieve. My wife even took a few shots today and bagged a bird or two of her own. Here are a few pictures from the day:

My wife taking a shot. She did swing around more to get the bird:

The rooster I shot:

This single quail flushed behind me and I missed him:

Just a couple more pictures from the day:

It was nice to get out with the dogs. I hope to get out to hunt for grouse in a couple of weeks.
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That's awesome Bwire. Getting the wife to come out as well is fantastic. I wish I could get my wife to hunt with me.

Great pics as usual and once again i'm jealous.

I'd tell you about my day, but I had to run a bunch of wires through an asbestos filled building. Pretty boring.
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That's a [censored] fine way to start the new year Bwire!
Great pics.
What preserve? local?
Nice! Hey if you need some snow I could ship ya out about 14 inches.
Angus, My wife started out by taking pictures of the dogs and then she moved on to shooting clays. After that she wanted to try some birds over the dogs at the preserve. But be careful what you ask for because now she uses my gun and wants one of her own! I just let her use mine when she goes with me and I use my old Stoger. Maybe you can have your wife try to shoot some clays at the club over the summer.

Lost, I was at Mason Dixon Hunting Farm in Glen Rock. It's about 30 minutes away from me and I've been going there for about 7 years or so now. If you need any info let me know.

Penn, I don't think we need anymore snow here. I don't mind it but I like when it's not too deep. It doesn't take too long to melt down here.
I found them on the internets, but whatever additional info you have would be

Lost, sent you a PM. I wanted to make sure you had the right Mason Dixon since there is one in MD.
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