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First Grey of the Season Down

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At my first stand on top of a nearby mountain I walked up to a snowshoe hare that sat tight. So I decided to play a snowshoe hare distress on my Fury, no luck.
Second stand I no sooner started playing the Screamin Grey when I heard rustling along the old roadway I was setup on. It was literally five or six seconds. The grey popped out right next to my caller, I was afraid to shoot for fear of filling my Fury with pellets. The fox turned abruptly and started running away from me down the roadway. Not quite fast enough however, my load of hevishot BB's caught up to him pretty quick.
One thing however, my remote seized up after the shot. I have the Foxbang feature but didn't have it activated. I couldn't switch sounds or even power the remote down. I ended up removing the batteries then replacing them. Worked fine after that
My third stand I walked in on some kids drinking in the woods. Needless to say I didn't see any eyes at that location.
Fourth stand produced nothing as well.
Sorry but no pics this time. I hung him in the woods on a small folding gambrel and skinned him while he was still steaming. My dad always used to do the same thing now that I look back. Every time he'd shoot a fox in front of his hounds he'd have it skinned in less than five minutes.
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