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First food plot

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Hey Folks- I'm very new to the site as you can see by the # of postings and I am looking for some suggestions on planting foods plots for the upcoming season- I'll try to include as much info as I can.
We have 15 or so acres, all in grass that is mowed throughout the year. The land is bordered by a 40 acres bedding area that is off-limits to hunting on the west and a smaller thick bedding area on the east. We have the equipment to plow, disc and seed ( unfortunately we don't have a corn planter at this time ).
What I am looking for is to plant 3 or 4 acres with a combination that will keep the deer feeding on the property from spring through next winter. Unfortunately with all of the brands of seed blends on the market, it is hard for me to determine which may work best. The property is in Dauphin County. All suggestions on what to plant and when to plant it would be greatly appreciated. Sorry to ramble on- Thanks in advance- Shaef
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First thing you need to tackle is weed control and getting the right PH in your soil. These will determine when and what you should first plant.If you haven't done so already get a soil sample done early spring so you can get some lime on it and work on weed control.Lime can take 6 months to work into the soil so you got to plan around that for this year.
And if you want to get your hands dirty earlier try planting some apple and trees around your edges where they get lots of sun.
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