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I left for my cabin to do some work this am before light.

First thing I saw was a very healthy red fox getting ready to scoot across the highway near Milesburg. But that wasn't the best.

I was just entering the Sproul on 144 towards Renovo at the field on Game Lands 100. I usually scan the field as I drive by to see what's what and I noticed what looked like two big bull elk and another. I thought to myself why was the PGC putting out elk decoys and looked again and sure enough there they stood. The sight put my hair (what little I have) on end.

I never had much desire to go to the elk viewing areas and thought of it as a novelty. I noticed that 2G had an allotment this year and I had heard that elk were south of the Susquehanna. But this was quite unexpected to see them within 30 yards of 144 in the PA Wilds.

I've seen a lot of varied wildlife on 144 and now I'll add elk to the list. Quite something.
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