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Walked to my newest stand for an afternoon hunt, placed my bow on the ground, took my backpack off and got the ropes out to hoist my equipment after I climbed, look downhill and thought I saw a tail flick.

Stood still and flicked it tail again. The deer kept its head down, feeding, I assumed it was a doe. I was not hunting doe this early so I just stood and watched the area looking for more deer when it lifted it head, SHOOTER!!! I grab my bow, nock an arrow and quickly come up with a game plan.

There was a big oak tree I could keep between him and me I might get lucky enough to attempt a shot. I had about 18 yards to close and thought for sure he would see my big butt sneaking thru the woods, but luck was on my side. I closed the distance in what seemed like an hour but was only a few minutes.

I was now behind the big oak tree, the deer 21 yards and still feeding, wind in my favor and he had no clue I was there. I stepped out from behind the tree, his head down and still feeding. I took a deep breath and drew, pin settled on him and I touched the trigger on the release and I watched the arrow disappear into his hide.

He ran about 20 yards trying to figure out what just happened. The wind changed and he got a big nose full of me and off he went. I was unable to find my arrow and not 100% certain of the shot I marked the blood trail and called for help in the morning. (Thanks Mikey!) He went about 120~140 yards and collapsed in a creek.

9 points and lots of character in his rack. My shortest archery season ever!

1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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