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First Coyote!

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Well I will get to the details first on tonight's hunt. At the first set, I called in a fox, but could never get a decent shot at him. When he did pop up close, I wasn't ready for him and he busted me. Such is hunting and a lesson learned.

At the second set, I was calling for about ten min. Was on my third sequence and third different call when I saw two sets of eyes 300 yds out. The leader came in, but cut down a swail in the field and I lost sight of him. The female I eventually shot stayed up higher and when she popped up at 100 yards I put the cross hairs right on her chest and dropped her. Never could get on the lead dog after that.

Stats- Shot with .17 fireball at 100yds, she weighed 31.2 lbs. only used hand calls and was 10 min into the set

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Those are some pretty big feet on that coyote.
Cool! Great job, what hand calls you using?
Congrats. From one that got my first coyote this year to another that got his, way to go brother.
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Nice going!!

Congrats! What bulllet out of the 17 was you useing?
congrats! i know the feeling you got because i down my first ever coyote in november with my. 22mag what a rush when they come bouncing in within 50yds of ya. what hand call were u using?
Congrats! What bulllet out of the 17 was you useing?
I was using the factory UMC 25 gr hp. Doesn't do any damage and shoots less than inch groups at 100 yds.

As for the guys that ask what hand calls i am using. Sorry but I will not disclose that. I say I am having good success with one certain call and everybody goes out and gets it, eventually that call will be useless as the predators hear it so often.
great kill, still waiting for our first. a few questions for you:
What kind of calls are you using? (locator, rabbit?)

How long did you call for on each?

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