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Finally Smoked One!!

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Well, I've been hunting hard everyday since the Flintlock season opened and it finally happened. After missing one Saturday I finally got my first deer with the flintlock. This is the first year I've really got serious with the flinter and I think I'm addicted to the late season.

50 yard shot, T/C Hawken,75 grains FFg,PRB, Dropped in her tracks.

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Congrats! The first one with the smokepole is always cool!This will be your new favorite season,way to go.
very nice!! Congrats on your first with the Smoker
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Awesome...I am convinced that a late season doe with the flintlock is the most challenging season in PA! Congratulations
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Congratulations...that's quite an accomplishment!
Congrats! Persistence pays off in the deer woods...
Great job.Sounds like a good load in that gun!
Well Done!
Congrats!!!!!...There is no better time to be in the woods.
Congratulations on your first deer with a smokepole! It'll be one to remember.
Congrats on ur first flinter kill!!
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