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After years of freezing to death in the brutal wind and cold during the late season, it was time to step up. They aren’t cheap, but the amenities and quality drove the investment in a Redneck. The best cost/size offering for my needs is the 6x6’ Buck Palace with a 5’ stand set up on a 6x8’ flatbed trailer. Once assembled, it was super easy to move and place in a spot with legit shot into 3 different alfalfa field and a hilltop

I added a few customizations to the trailer to make it all work...

First, the bed was about a foot too short for the ladder to sit properly on it. I had to add kicker plates out of 2x8” pressure treated wood to compensate for that.

Then I had a buddy weld on removable jack stand bases to the trailer frame corners to serve as levelers and give added stability. The jacks come off easily for transport if/when needed. With a few concrete blocks placed under them to account for uneven terrain, the platform is now completely level.

The potentially tough part is putting the blind on top of the platform. Thankfully, the farmer who leases my fields offered the use of his skid-steer with forks to lift it up onto the platform, which made it a breeze.

Once the platform was level and the blind attached, I attached some 1/16” braided, galvanized guylines to the center anchor point and attached them to the ground with rebar stakes. This adds significant lateral stability on the short sides of the trailer for when the winds really get frisky, and didn’t affect the leveling.

Overall, this should make for a rockin’ setup for rifle and muzzleloader season. If you own or have regular access to good land, and you’re in the market for good blind, this Buck Palace is worth a look.
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