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Its been less than 1 year (by just 4 weeks) that we closed on our cabin in Potter County. This past weekend my son and I finally got the hot water tank in place (after a major fiasco from Lowe's- but that is another story) and it is finally done! We have completed the major projects, internal and external. So far this year we added gutters, a shed, plumbed all the water connections, hooked up the filtration system, and took some major trees out. We totally enjoyed the weekend- chased a gobbler up and down the mountains, fished the Oswayo Creek, and had a great time. Now all I have is those fun little jobs that go along with camp.
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Congrats! I wouldn't swap time (64+ years at this point) spent up there for anything.
Way to go. There will always be jobs to do. Just remember to have fun too.
Awesome hope I can relax soon well I always try to make some me time but you know.
Congrats Guru!!!
Congrats. Hope you both enjoy it for a long time to come
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