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I didn't put out my k9 line until 11/18 this year and then I pulled / tripped the sets for deer season and didn't get them reset until last Friday. After the torrential downpour I went through and reapplied urine to all of them.

One set I had is in a pain in the neck location, but I knew I had to set it. It's on an intersection of a treeline (that runs from a large woodlot down to the road where it connects to a pair of drainages on the other side of the road), a grassy waterway, an old road / brushline that parallels the woodline, and a drain running down through the field. The set is actually in a cut soybean field. The problem is that the drain empties right into the intersection so it's perpetually muddy. Bedding a trap solidly is a nightmare.

The set was a dirt hole with Animalistics Coyote Pee on the backing and Animalistics Woods Dog coyote gland lure in the hole.

The other day when running the line a coon dug into the side of this set, screwing up the dirt hole. It was filled with water anyways so I just scraped some debris together into a small pile and gave it a squirt of urine. The next day / night it rained like crazy and this area was literally turned into a pond. The day after, I walked around for 10 minutes before I stepped on the set and tripped it. Everything was completely blended in and caked with mud. I really wasn't prepared to remake the set (I have to walk this part of the line and the truck was a long ways away) so I cleaned it off as best as I could, scooped the muck out of the trap bed and put the set back and put some debris over the trap. I gathered up more debris for the backing and gave it a shot or urine and called it good.

Yesterday I was stuck running the line after work and it's a blizzard and very windy. I walk to within site of the set and am shocked to see a large animal lunging in it! Sure enough, it was my first coyote of the season!

I had her by the hind foot in an MB550. I'm guessing she was moving to squat to pee on the set when I got her. She probably about 30 lbs and had a bum knee on her left front leg. Healthy though.

1 down, 5 more to reach my goal.

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