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After years of smokin does and not seeing the buck, with the help of a few friends I got one! A friend and company were hunting 2b Friday and I got to tag along. He had seen this buck on several occasions and had a real good idea where he would be hanging out. I posted on the first drive and this fella cam running in full speed directly at me from about 25yds.. At 10yds he noticed the 50 cal. winking at him and turned left. At 7yds. the 245 aerotip powerbelt entered behind the shoulder and through the heart and both lungs. He continued at full speed for about 30yds and gave it up.

Big thanks to Hansel and Ryan for the excellent drive and Kyle for being close enought to witness it!! Thanks guys!! What an awesome Day!!

He's a 7pt with a 22" spread and weighs at best guesstimate about 200lbs.

The Buck and I

The Buck, My girl and myself

My guide and pal Hansel and me

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Ill second what Spirit said, thats outstanding, just an awesome buck, flat out love the DARK rack, a huge congratulations are in order for what I consider the toughest trophy to harvest in PA
1 - 20 of 86 Posts
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