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Five guys and nine dogs got together for a final spring training run before leaving the woodcock alone to start their nesting. -We started off the morning with Sandy Ridge Omelettes Deluxe and home made bacon. Lunch was chili along with home made deer sausage and home made ham. -Dinner was Gambel's quail wrapped in bacon and fresh caught perch. - -In between all of the good food, we found a few times to get the dogs out for a run and even found some birds. -

Doug2 getting ready

Jag warming up

Izzy finds a bird

Jeff going in for a flush


Old man Boone

Young pup Jag

Jenny waiting to see which way we're headed

Miley, the token solid colored dog

Tim and Jag

Woodcock in Flight

Jenny in Flight
- -

Not sure what Jag was up to

Back to the vehicles

See you in the fall

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Well done, it was a good weekend. I wasnt quite done yet, stopped to check out a new cover on the way home. Some weekends you just dont want to end.

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Very nice!
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