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Almost filled another tag Saturday morning. High teens and 1.5 - 2 “ of fresh snow made for a pretty (cold) morning sit.
Had some deer moving around me but not in range early then quiet until 9:30 when I heard footsteps but could not locate them. I slowly stood and the steps quit, started again and I reached for the recurve, as I slowly turned my head first, I could see him below my stand looking right at me at 5 yds!
A few painful seconds later he started walking to my left and I slowly raised the bow. Followed him to a lane, drew and had to wait (walking slow) then released and the arrow went just over his back. He ran 10 yds and stopped behind some beach brush, them walked away unhurried and unalarmed. I could not grunt him back and he walked away.
I would bet this is the largest buck I have ever seen, very heavy rack, huge body and neck, there was no time to count points but it looked like at least six point on the left beam.
I totally whiffed on this big boy, and was sick for quite a while but at least I didn’t wound him.
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