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My Uncle from TN got me into the sport of waterfowling 11 years ago and he visits PA every year around Christmas. So, I try to repay him for getting me into this sport by putting him on some birds while he's in PA.

Found a nice little timber hole to hunt and it was fast and furious. This was about the closest I've come to hunting flooding timber. Someday I hope to experience the flooded timber in Arkansas.


Hunted a creek bottom on a foggy morning on this hunt. Visibility was low, but whistling wings could be heard overhead and the ducks would appear out of the fog dropping into our spread like a dream.

Had a great morning going on this hunt until an adjacent landowner decided to flip out on us and interrupt our hunt. It was hunter harassment all the way, but charges were not filed out of respect for the landowner and his wishes.

Ended december with a traffic hunt with a couple buddies and we were able to convince a couple birds into giving up.

New Years day hunt. Nothing like starting off the new year shooting birds with good friends and family.
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