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To the couple guys that are saying they are new to waterfowling, just remember one thing. If you shoot at a goose at between 20 and about 30 yards out, it should die. No matter what choke, gun, or shell you have in the gun. I have killed geese at 25 yards, with steel, 3", 1 oz. 20 gauge. Guess what i'm trying to say is, this stuff is nice, very nice, but the price is a joke, and not usually needed. If all your shots are 40-50 yards, I guess it's your option, but no way would I pay 3 bucks a shell to shoot most waterfowl. If I was hunting in Alaska, for just one day, and trying to shoot a Harlequin or something, then I would think about it, but not for normal hunting conditions.

Only time I switch loads is for diver/sea duck hunting. Shots tend to be longer, and sea ducks are tougher to kill than other ducks, in my opinion. But even then I don't go crazy money shells, I just use Hevi-Metal, a little over a buck a shot. For geese and puddle ducks, I use the same load, Kent fasteel, 3", 1 3/8, #1's. 1375 fps. Pretty slow, but have been using the same shell, out of the same gun, out of the same factory mod. choke, for a lot of years.

I am in no way saying the expensive shells are junk, they are not, they are great, I just think if you get used to a good shell, and get used to that load, out of your gun, you won't need those big money shells in most of your hunting situations. Just trying to save you a buck.
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