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So what kind of feathers is everyone shooting on here, I currently use 5" shield cut feathers but I am thinking about switching over to the traditional cut feathers because I never see anyone using them, so if you use the trad. feathers I'd really like to see some pics to get an idea of how they look compared to the shield feathers.
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I use mainly sheild and parabolic cuts. I like the way sheild cut fletchings look but I think parabolic is a more stable design and quieter. The last couple batches of arrows I made use a high profile 5.5" parabolic burn.
I shoot 5" shield Cuts as well, but I have also been looking at the traditional cuts.....I really like the way that they look
Wild Turkey feathers, 5" shield cut.
I shoot either 5.5" or 5" shield cuts. They seem to stabilize the arrow the fastest.
I'm shooting banana cuts. I have an old chopper that made a big cut, 5.5"s. I modified it to make 4.75" cuts. It's a much lower profile as well. Very quiet feather. I have a dozen douglas fir shafts coming soon, can't wait to fletch them up.

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I made a few feathers this morning. Love them Turk feathers!
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5'' shield cut on gt 5575 red and black
I shoot 5" parabolic. I think they may be quieter due to the rounded back. 2 yellow barred and 1 solid yellow on either CE heritage 350s or Beman bowhunter 300s - depends on what bow I'm shooting.
5.5" Banana cuts (low profile) I buy them in white they dye them.Shafts are carbon xpress heritage 250's with white or orange wrap.
Started out with 5.5" high-backed shields, now I use 5" shield-cut.
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