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jimsdad said:
Good for you! Maybe the doe is a first time mom and does not know what to do. Anyhow, I hope all works out for you and the fawn. Can you keep us posted on the progress?
The doe was a 1st time mom she had 1 buc ,1 doe. The buck fawn is doing great she is feeding him on her own . The little doe fawn died this am . We pulled her because after she was born she could not nurse and the mother tried to stomp her to death. Sad but true alot of doe fawns are worth more dead than alive . Sale price for a live fawn is around $200 to $400 . A mounted deer fawn will fetch anywhere from $600 to $1000. Well , Mrs DeerFarmer buried $1000 today .I'm not in this business to make money off another animals suffering.The joy of having deer and being able to share them, play with them is payment enough . The joy that it brought my late grandfather when I would push his wheelchair in the deer pens , where he would sit for hours and feed and pet the deer . When a kid comes form the city and has never seen a firefly let alone a deer , and has one lick his face or clean out his pockets . You can't put a
price on that.
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