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Just wanted to share a story with the fellow HPA folk.

So this week I've had to come to the realization that my grandfather, (my hero) is on his way out from this wonderful thing we call earth to spend eternity with our maker. Yeah I still consider it wonderful because I can still see the positive things available to us no matter what the stock market does.

So after years of struggling with various diseases and issues from black lung (disease associated with coal mining) to diabetes etc etc. his heart just isn't fighting anymore. Well, the reason I'm posting this is to show how this man's influence in the hunting aspect of my life has affected me. A few years back he obviously could not partake in the wonderful world of hunting amymore. Here's the positive parts of the story. I used to love going to his and my grandmothers house the day before the season started. My brothers, my father, my uncles and I would go up to their house and spend the night all crammed into the living room floor area. Without sleeping basically at all we'd wake up around 4 to our grandmothers mouth watering egg sandwiches, the smell of coffee, sausage, bacon and toast. We'd fill our stomachs and head down to the basement where the years and years of deer hunting trophy's hung on the wall. Put our plan together, tell stories of the past and wipe away the eye crust. Lol.

After all that we'd go out to the car in which grandma would have a box filled with the days snacks and treats for the boys.

Driving down the old coal road, up past the coal hills in the dark absolutely excited and scared at the same time you'd here grandpa say "keep a look out boys".

I'll never forget the day old "boo" is what we call him took down a monster right there in the middle of the soy bean field right in front of us all.

I could go on for pages on this subject but just wanted to share a quick story with ya'll. And still to this day my brothers and I will continue the tradition no matter what.

Hope ya like!!
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