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Well some of you know my story this year but for those that
don't I had a kidney transplant the last week of September.
I have been recovering and trying to get back to hunting
shape before this archery season ended. I didn't get to hunt
in October but it was a good month for some of my family
members. The first day of archery my 11 year old nephew got
his first buck, a weird looking 3 pointer, it's rack grew
down instead of up. Real cool first buck for him! My older
brother got an 8 pointer and a doe so far. Still has 5C doe
tags. My uncle got a 6 pointer on wednesday. Saturday
morning I got out for the first deer hunt of the season.
My nephew (that shot the weird buck was with me hoping to
shoot a doe if one came by). At 9:55am he spots a buck
coming down the stream our way. He tells me it's a good
buck so I got the crossbow up and bleated at it. It came
right up to 30 yards and I made the shot on him! He was
only a decent 5 pointer but I am not a trophy hunter and
after the month or so I had in recovery I was as happy as
could be about it!

Reading some of your stories about your kid's first deer
made me very happy while I couldn't get out so I wanted to
share this and hope y'all enjoy it too. Good Luck this week
to everyone still chasing em!

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GREAT POST corey...real good news. God Bless and continued success and health!
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