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Fall Turkey Scouting

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I have been out doing some scouting for fall turkeys, and I must say, it's certainly seems a bit more difficult to find birds in the fall versus the spring. I've been scouting public land and have only found minimal sign, although the nut trees seem to be producing very well. Areas where I find plenty of sign in the spring are showing no signs of birds now. Most of my public land scouting has been low, not on mountain tops. After stomping the woods for an hour or so, I will make a lap around the local farm lands and have yet to see a bird in the fields.

Is anyone else experiencing the same as I, or am I looking in the wrong areas for fall birds. As this is only my second season of fall turkey hunting, I am inexperienced, and some tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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mauser06 said:
Keep walking till you find the sign...
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