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Hey guys just got the official word that Foxpro will be the official sponsor of the 2013 Fall Outdoor Show held here in Renovo on Sept 21 and will have a special guest speaker there as well! You all know of him on here! will have more details later this evening!

So here's a list of vendors and sponsors
Foxpro With Seminar by KIRK MCKENDREE!
Boondock Outdoors (Vendor)
Predator Masters
Aurora Game Calls
All Outdoors With Alan Probst
Bees O'Brien Game Calls (Vendor)
Mac Calls (Vendor)
Triple Toe Calls (Vendor)
Squirrels Unlimited (Vendor)
Bob's Custom Calls
Jeffrey Thompson's Turkey Strikers
Slinger Fly Rods (Vendor)
Crows Nest Calls (Vendor)
Pennsylvania Predator Hunters Association (Vendor)
Carver Predator Calls
Workman Predator Calls
Michael Waddell's Bone Collector

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Hi looking forward to the show as we stay 23 mi from there. I wanted to check if tickets are or will be available before the show? I don't know if this post is ok for this site? If not send a pm.
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