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Factual Reporting?

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Got this in an e-mail, thought I would share. Don't know if it has been posted already or not.
We all know this administration would never tell lies to further their agenda. The most shocking thing is this came from NBC.
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They aren't reporting it because he left the AR on the back seat. That doesn't advance the adjenda with regards to "assault rifles" as enemy number one. If it was just handguns, they can't sell that. "evil guns" like AR15's is what they want to ban, so that's why there is a "big rush" to put a bill in congress.

I asked myself today when I saw the headline reading "White house big push to get a bill this week". I asked, why the hurry?

The hurry is just like Benghazi. It's to advance the narrative, until the truth comes out. They want to push the anti gun stuff, while the public sentiment is still with them from the school shooting. They are using it as a sick form of leverage.

The actual facts of that crime may never come out. The left circles the wagons better than the Buffalo Bills.

The school shooting was the golden goose for Obama. Assigning Biden as "chief investigator"? Really? to get to the bottom of it?

Biden is the "gun control-in-chief". He's not interested in stopping school shootings. He's interested in finding a way to preventing citizens from possessing "evil weapons", and they are using the school shooting as a spring board to sell it to the "low information voter".

Don't be a low information voter.
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Don't be a low information voter.[/quote]
You don't have to worry about that my friend, Just look at my screen name.
It was a general post, not directed at you right to bear.
Obama wants the Biden report and a bill before the state of the Union Speech. He wants to use that to speak to the sheep to garner support.

I would be more worried about Gabby Gifford and her efforts.
Anymore factual reporting = oxymoron, it just ain't happening. Now its all for ratings and sensationalism instead of facts. Sad, very sad. I agree Bluetick, Gabby Gifford is something to worry about, hers is a sad case as well as she and her husband our both gunowners.
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Socialists.....Marxists... need I say more?
The 2nd amendment is the only thing we have left....after that...why not just burn the constitution....right? Once they chip away at it....LEGALLY, then what. Get ready for the end. What a sad state of affairs. "the greatest generation", my but. The ruined my future.

They got themselves a free check, now saddled us with paying for a disarmed, neutered society.

Brokaw, can rot...imho.
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