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Extension of bear season (Warren County)...

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On Monday morning, the opening day of deer season, the Warren Times Observer mistakenly announced that bear season was extended through Monday, November 28 in Warren County. That was a mistake on two points. First, it wasn't extended through November 28. It was extended beginning Wednesday, November 30 through Saturday, December 3. And it was extended only in WMU 1B which includes part of Warren County.

Some hunters who read the front page story in the morning before heading out were convinced that they could legally harvest a bear. And I know of one hunter who in fact did shoot a bear, called the PGC office to report his success and to ask where he should take it to get it checked.

Does anyone know of other cases where bears were illegally taken on the opening day of deer season because of what the hunter read in the newspaper?

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He will win that in court, as a matter of fact it won't get that far, any magistrate will toss that out in a second.?Keep us informed those that live in that area.?
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