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Excalibur Vortex - Inaccurate

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Picked up a vortex on Friday and shot it over the weekend. The scope is properly mounted, using the cranking device to ensure every draw is the same, shooting from a bench and rock solid rest. All that being said, we are yet to drive two arrows on top/touching each other past 20 yds. At 40yds, the group spreads out to about 6 inches and at 50, 1 will be 5 inches left, another 5 inches right. This coming from aiming at a 2 inch blaze orange circle, dead steady. I'm baffled
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I would make sure that the string is perfectly centered at the point of contact with your bolt. Most xbows have something on the string to 'center' the string like a different color to them.

If your scope is centered...I just don't get it. I don't own an xcaliber, but from what I've heard of them you should be dead on.
Well, at the end of the rail, closest to the string, there are two lines. The string is to sit between these two lines when not cocked. The cranking device is used to draw the bow exactly the same each time. I've been sure to fully deploy all string and hold a little tension on the line to make sure both sides draw up and tighten equally. My initial thought was that the device was torquing the string, but this is not the case.
How steady is your rest table my fist one would rock when the bow was fired. Just a idea
It's probably the scope. We had some last year that did that. I assume you got the Excalibur scope?

What arrows are you using? Also, check the riser to barrel mating surfaces. Make use there is no gaps.

You shoud be getting three inches or less at 50 yards. Something isn't right that is for sure.
Shooting off a lead sled, there is of course some vibration, but it has to go somewhere. I can't imagine the effect being any less than that of holding the bow free hand. As soon as you pull the trigger, the bow is going to move in one direction or the other after the vibration. I've checked all screws and mating surface. No gaps or lose bolts/pieces anywhere
Mark the vanes on your arrows.Shoot the same one several times and see where it hits.Then repeat one by one until you know how each one groups.It is not uncommon to get a flyer or two from a dozen.You may have got a bad batch.I have an Excocet and my 12 year old son has an Axiom.Both shoot much better than that.We are using Victories and a few Gold tips.If you are using Firebolts that may be the reason.I did a test for Arrowhead and when done I gave away the Firebolts to a member on here for his grandkid.
I have the same bow and shot it this past Saturday to 45 yards. I can shoot three inch groups all day at that distance.

I suspect it is not the bow. Two things are the culprit. Ya got a bad scope or your arrows are very inconsistant.
i answered you in my thread "cream of the crop" where you asked the same question

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bob1961 said:
i answered you in my thread "cream of the crop" where you asked the same question

Me too!
try shooting off a sandbag and let the butt rest on your arm....also what are your arrow try another scope if you can to see if things get better.......bob

Ended up taking the bow back and the shop owner had the same trouble. After assessing the issue, changing the scope and shooting it himself, he ended up shipping it back to excalibur for a replacement. We'll see how the new one works out when we get it next week.
Wow. That is what's nice about buying from a company that will stand behind their products 110%. Excalibur is top notch. Good luck with the replacement and let us know how she shoots.
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