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Excalibur question

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I havent touched my Excalibur Vortex in a year and only shot it a few times ever. This is entering its 3rd year. I'm using the rope cocking aid that came with it. I couldnt remember if the hooks went in or out but tried it both ways.

I can't get the stinking thing to pull all the way back and lock!! it makes it to within two inches or so and stops! I'm afraid to pull any harder. The hooks are gouging the main beam as it is it seems. WTH am I dong wrong??? It seemed very simple before.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
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Make sure the safe is in the fire position when you cock the bow.
The string wont make it to the cocked point.
Do you have the cocker string strung across the groove behind the safty before you hook down to the main string. Hooks faced down?
Get your video out and take another look at it. Sounds like you do not have cocker string on correct like Turkeydad said
turkeydad ... U GOT IT!!!! At least I think. Just one of those STUPID STUPID things that I should have remembered ... I havent done this in a while (or much at all).

Video?? I bought as a kit at Wheeling Cabelas and although it might have been there I dont remember it. I'll let you know if that helps ... thanks for the replies.
Make sure your rope cocker is going UNDER the arrow retention spring. If it rolls on top of it, you won't be able to cock it. I've seen it happen many times.
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