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Anyone own a Micro Suppressor ? at some point I'm going to upgrade my crossbow.. seriously looking at the Excalibur's I'm getting tired paying $90 to recable/string my Parker Tornado..

Excalibur's been getting bad reliability news of late with limb fractures practicality with the Micro series. anyone have issues with theirs?

I haven't fired one but shouldered in at BassPro, nice fit and balance, is the rope cocking difficult.? the new ext crank is pricey at $230.00 :surprise2:

few questions to ask.. 1. Can you shoot 100gr broadheads? 2. can you trim down a current ( GT Laser ll ) 20 inch bolt to 16.5 ? that might be a issue to maintain a 400gr (min) bolt weight with head..

3. can you use let's say a Parker Capture lighted nock?

All your PROS and CONS are welcomed.

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