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Here is the new Axiom from Excalibur. Priced at $549.99 for the package.


Excalibur Crossbow is proud to introduce their newest crossbow, the Axiom! The Axiom is a superbly crafted North American made crossbow, capable of producing arrow speeds in excess of 300 feet per second. Like all Excalibur crossbows, the new Axiom’s accuracy is amazing and its reliability is bulletproof. Generating plenty of horsepower, the Axiom has what it takes to efficiently handle any of North America’s largest game. It’s 175 pound draw weight and 14 ½ inch power stroke make it comfortable to cock and the Axiom’s light 6 pound mass weight make it a joy to carry on a long day afield. The Axiom is sold only as a kit including a matching multiplex crossbow scope, rings and base, our 4 arrow quiver plus 4 arrows complete with field points. This kit is designed, as a budget priced option to help emerging crossbow hunters to enjoy Excalibur quality at a low cost, but make no mistake, this is one serious hunting combination! Quality of manufacture, reliability, and accuracy of this economical kit is comparable with our most expensive options. The Axiom kit will be available through Excalibur’s dealers across North America early in 2010.


Velocity @350 Grain: 305 FPS
Draw Weight: 175 lbs.
Power Stroke: 14.5"
Mass Weight: 6.0 lbs.
Overall Length: 37.5"
Min. Arrow Weight: 350 grains
Finish: Realtree Advantage Timber®
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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