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Ha, I'm holding a meeting with a bunch of folks like this next week who are interested in hunting. I see myself in this article a bit. I think, though, what this article misses is that you only have to scratch the surface a bit to find a deep hunting legacy even in the most citified of hipsters. My dad is about the most urban person I know and even he hunted when he was a kid (which surprised me to find out). Most of the people coming to the meeting next week have connections to famiy members living in the country or who hunt. One friend who is coming is interested because she's been pressured for years to take the family responsibility of inheriting her grandfather's guns. He was an Olympic qualifier in shooting and hunted all his life. She works in the restaurant business so the food side of hunting interests her but she's about as city as you can get now. Usually, you only have to go back one or two generations and the knowledge and legacy is there. It reminds me a bit of the urban agriculture movement. We got chickens a few years ago and we had a rooster that needed to be taken care of, so I asked friends if anyone knew how to slaughter a chicken. I was stunned to find out how many people I personally knew who had slaughtered a chicken before, all people living very urban lives about as far removed from farming as possible. It's all there, just below the surface.
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