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Ever Calm Deer herd scent

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tried it for the first time today. I went out in shorts and tee shirt from the laundry. I rubbed this stuff on 4 tree limbs. I climbed up the center tree around the scents and waited for about an hour to see if anything would come in. I couldn't believe my eyes there was a 5 point licking the stuff off the tree. I was in street clothes no camo and sneakers just as a test. He didn't even care I was there.
Something to think about for you guys...
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I've been using it since it was called deer herd in a bottle and was in a plastic round tube... I will not hunt without it!! The stuff is worth EVERY penny!! I've left 2 comments on their website. AWESOME cover scent
I was shocked to be honest! Thats why I went out in shorts. I wanted to prove it wrong. I was impressed.
Where abouts can we get this stuff?
border crossing scents website.. I've seen it in the new cabelas catalog.. I've also gotten it at Dunhams store in Carlisle.
gander mountains website has it, not sure if they carry it in the stores though.
stuff was originally made by another company, border crossing ripped them off. trophy blend was a first to make the scent in a stick. its much stronger than border crossing too.

heres the original
Another vote for the Trophy Blend Deer Herd! Great stuff
The PA guys on Archerytalk had great things to say about that scent last year. I just bought some the other day.
The stuff works great they have different scents too
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