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Hey guys,

I just wanted to let you know some things I am working on and some things that are completed.

--- To piggy-back on Dean's HPA Keep Pa Beautiful Day, I contacted the regional coordinator for Adopt-a-Highway. She is going to be contacting me on Monday or Tuesday to set up a meeting to discuss the particulars. After the meeting and before any commitment, I will make a post in the regular forums to gauge members interest and then take it from there. We could do it State-wide or just in certain regions depending on feedback.

--- Every 2 weeks a new issue of PA Outdoor News comes to newstands and delivered to subscribers homes. In each issue, there is a section called "Calendar of Events". Those of you who are familiar with it know that it is a place that organizations post events, banquets, shows ect... to let the public know what/when and where events are happening. I just got done emailing our info for the month of June and Part of July. I included the SW Shenango Event, the NC Event and HPA Keep PA Beautiful Event. Also, they ask for phone numbers and or website addresses so people can call or visit for more info. Rather than giving your phone numbers, since I didnt have permission to, I used my cell and for more info. It was in no means a power grab to take away from your events. When more events pop up, I will take care of emailing them so they can print it. Not only will it get HPA info into the homes of thousands, it is free.

--- I am talking to a local golf course to see what is needed for HPA to sponsor an event. The proceeds will go to whatever charity we agree on before hand. In the charity tournaments I worked on in the past, the main organization will have to come up with little or no money. All the money is derived from hole sponsors, donations ect...from businesses who wish to participate. Like I said, this is in the very early stages and might be scrapped all together this year depending on certain variables.

Upcoming events we should look into be at...

Lehigh Valley Hunting and Fishing Extravaganza
August 27th, 28th and 29th at Kelpton Fairgrounds.

I checked into this and all spaces are free for organizations. If we plan on attending now, I can get with RB and get some promotional items put together to sell.
It sounds like a great event all together:

Sporting Clay Competition
QDMA Contest
Archery Shoots
3d Auction
Outdoorsmen Competition
Sporting Dog Competition

With all the reps we have, we can also have our booth have a demonstration of some kind. We need to think about what we can do. Here is the link for more info...

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