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Even Slick Eddy Likes Fracking

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Rep White apparently does not ...

Sheehan: It appears that you are posing as the people on the Internet. You’re making up identities. And in this case, you have these posts from a woman named Janice Gibson and the actual woman’s name Janice Gibbs and they have the same IP address as you. Can you explain that?.

Rep. White: I have no comment. Others repeated political and personal attacks put on me by the propaganda wing of the natural gas industry like Energy In-depth and companies that are advertisers on your network.

But while White stonewalled, Gibbs freely spoke

State Rep. Jesse White apologized Thursday for posting anonymous comments on a Marcellus Shale blog attacking natural gas drilling advocates living in Cecil Township.

White, D-Cecil, admitted to posting comments under fictitious names on the Energy In-Depth website in the past after a television report linked the anonymous postings to his internet provider.
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glad eddies gone and hope white goes soon also!
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