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Fleroo said:
I've browsed through more than a handful of the tribillion threads on the ESOS. I'm all for anybody that backs the folks pulling out, and expressing their displeasure with the shows weapon ban that Reed has imposed. Those vendors are standing up for what they believe, and probably missing out on dollars to get their point across. That said, are some here "knee-jerking" the other way ? I've seen calls to boycott ATV companies, and Insurance companies. What's next, boycotting Sham-Wow ? It seems that a frenzy has been whipped up, and mob mentality may be prevailing, as opposed to level thinking. Some folks have to keep in mind that executives at Progressive, Yamaha, or Sham-Wow, may have little to no interest in what the heck goes on with "assault" weapons. Some more than likely know little to nothing of what this fuss is all about. They are companies out there trying to make a dollar like everybody else. The American debt crisis tells me that consumers should laud companies that are keeping afloat, and support them and their workers.

To that end, I say support away at the vendors that pulled out. Tell them you appreciate their choice. But why "knee-jerk" the other way, and call for boycotting companies that may have little to no interest in "assault" weapon fights ? What's next ? poll every company out there, and find out their stance on assault weapons, calling for an American boycott of State Farm, Harley, Johnson & Johnson, because they simply may be neutral, or non-committal, and have no dog in the fight so to speak ?

It seems as though the "knee-jerk" can go both ways. Be careful and think sensibly.
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