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The General Hunting Forum has seemed to of become the Pro-2A Forum in the last week. I'm hoping our mods will allow this topic to sit tight here as I think we (regardless of your stance on the ESOS Boycott) need to keep this momentum rolling in Harrisburg.

As many know Rep. Metcalfe has proposed the Right to Bear Arms Protection Act, House Bill 357 (How appropriate.) Essentially this bill makes any further federal gun-control restrictions un-enforceable in Pennsylvania, regardless of however it originated whether executive order, etc. Obliviously it's passage ultimately wouldn't guarantee us much of anything but it is another way to gain back some ground in the defense of the 2nd Amendment.

The bill can be found here.

Hit your Representatives up and you might as well give your senators a heads-up too. Find them here.

Short, sweet, and to the point...

Representative _ _ _ _ _,

I would very much like to see House Bill 357 steamroll it's way through the House and Senate. I see it as a very necessary protection to our state rights and our citizens. I believe the federal government has taken far too much power away from state's ability to self-govern. Granted, the country's perceived expanse has sequentially shrunk so to speak with all the advancements in transportation and communication yet I don't believe that's a reason pull the rug out from under state government. I do not, at all see this bill as a stunt by Rep. Metcalfe to puff his political feathers. I have not heard that opinion from his or the bill's critics but I would not be surprised if it is or ends up as the case. I support this bill 100%. I know there's a lot politicians that are "pro-gun" or "pro-2nd Amendment" but it is positions on bills like this that are the real litmus test on truly being pro-gun and pro-2nd Amendment. I'd ask that you please support and follow this bill as it is an important issue for our state's citizens as I'm sure the majority of 84th district would attest to.

Thank you for your time and efforts in representing us.


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