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Errant crossbow shot

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I have been shooting my xbow for 3 years and have shot 6 deer within 25 yards and had quick kills on all. Until last night. My bolt hit 12 inches to the left and 8 inches high! I have practiced with this bow and with the red dot sight I always group within 2 inches out to 30 yards. What could have caused this? I am also a pistol shooter and hold a steady aim. The bolts are carbon and straight. The mechanical broadheads always fly true. The bolt was back against the string. Has this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions? The bow is 3 years old and I take good care of it.
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A small tree branch in the way, maybe? Your limb hit something as they moved forward. I've seen mechanicals deploy and cause this also.(so many times that I refuse to use them)
I use a ladder stand no limbs in the way of the shot and nothing hit my bow. Could be the mechanicals that had never failed until now. I'll try something new. Really makes me scratch my head. Thanks.
I've had several customers in the store with the same problem. It's almost always the mechanicals. When we troubleshoot them....I stand downrange behind a concrete wall and let them shoot past me to the target. Many times I've heard the blades deploy the instant the trigger broke. Sounds ike a bottle rocket coming at you...going past you.
String may have stretched.. have you shot a target to see if it is shooting bad. Bolt could be bent or damaged, broad head could be loose... shoot it again and see.
5C is open for doe
Oh, sorry, wondered if I shoulda been out.
5C hunter? How many deer are you seeing? Could be your limb possibly as the one could be near the breaking point... I had my "Xbow" one limb break on me last year, and at 5AM and the woods is quiet, it scares the crap out of you! trust me!!... I should have known something was up with the limb earlier, but I never really thought about it, till the limb broke.... I was shooting low and to the right always. and I've had my bow ever since they legalized them down here in 5C
I just went out in the yard and tested mine as I ran into this this past season as well. But I figured out what I did quickly. I didnt have my rope cocker rested on the back of the bow evenly and when I pulled it back, I was a little off center. I just deliberately did it in the yard and I was way off at 25 yards on three shots. I had the string about 1/4"-1/2" off center. I then fired three when it was cocked perfectly and I hit the three shots in the size of a quarter at 25 yards. Maybe you bumped a limb while going into the woods and the string shifted when you did? Or maybe you drew it back off center.
Thanks for all your suggestions. I went home that same day and shot the same broadhead and two other field points at my target at the same range. Bullseye all 3 arrows. My serving and string are in perfect shape. I always make sure that I push the nock firmly against the serving before I shoot. I use Trophy Ridge Steelheads and have been 6 for 6 up until now. There were no tree branches in the way. It will remain a mystery. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. I will be going out for 1 more deer this week.
To: TheAnimalSlayer - I hunt on a small private apple orchard surrounded by oak trees in 5C. It doesn't get any better than that. I see no less than 6 deer and sometimes as many as a dozen each time I go out. Unfortunately many of them are very small. I attempt to shoot only mature deer approximately 100-110 lbs for my freezer.

To: ThrillBilly - It is possible that cocking the bow was off a bit. I will make a mark on both sides of the serving with an indelible pen to make sure it is even. Thanks
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