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Got this in an email, and thought I'd post it here knowing the many talents of the HPA membership. If anyone can do one of the following programs, please contact the phone number at the bottom.

As a lead Advisor for the York Co. 4-H Entomology Club, I have been asked by the youth members to find Speakers and Programs for our monthly meetings. What the kids are asking for is Ento-related programs that will highlite our meeting each month (every 3rd Wed evening of each month). I know many of you are not local to York County (just not sure exactly who..). So I understand that some of you simply cannot make the trip. However, you might be perfect for our needs no matter where you're coming from.

These kids are hungry for more than just a 4-H Entomology Project. Lab or Field work, curation, Taxonomy, mounting/preservation, aquatics, Collecting or any Research Field trips you've been on, whatever ? If you work in a job field that would interest Ento kids, this would be a good time to pitch for a potential field trip from the club (summer or winter) to your job location. The kids would be happy to assist you with aspects of the work, thus learn more about possible career's in Entomology related fields. If you feel the kids would enjoy hearing about it, plz consider a visit to one of our meetings in 2010.

Last year, Faith Kuehn, Mike Turell and Mike Lamprinos took time to visit with the Club and the group enjoyed a nice variety of Entomology related topics. The folks who presented, also enjoyed the experience to educate and enrich the minds of the kids and were quite impressed with the knowledge and enthusiasm. Spec's:

45 min's to 1-hr max.
low-tech for all ages (respectively).
show-n-tell, hands-on, slide show, etc.
Note: This is a Volunteer gig -fyi.
Jan, Feb, March, April and May are currently open for programs.

If you would like to discuss more details about scheduling a program, please contact me asap and I'll work with you to keep these kids happy. Thanks much for your time !
Talk soon -Ryan Bridge. 717-266-6660
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